Christina A. Giza – CEO

Christina began her career at Altheimer & Gray as a Corporate Finance paralegal, where she worked on multi-million dollar transactions. She also assisted on matters involving corporate governance and real estate Thereafter, Christina moved with the Partner, she worked for at Altheimer, to Bell, Boyd & Lloyd, (now K&L Gates), where she continued to focus on corporate finance as a Paralegal. Seeking new challenges and away from a law firm environment, Christina then took a Real Estate Paralegal position at Kimball Hill Homes, where she helped review and manage the real estate documentation lifecycle of multiple large communities developed by the company. After a period of time at Kimball Hill, Christina accepted a position in the Operations/Risk area of GE Capital Americas Americas, Commercial Distribution Finance.

Christina helped to shape the Contracts Analyst position at GE Capital, with responsibility for reviewing transaction contracts and documentation to ensure internal, legal and regulatory compliance, prior to final approval and funding. Deciding to take a partial sabbatical, Christina then worked as part-time Corporate Paralegal at Dykema, LLC, followed by a Contractor position in the Compliance/AML group at BP Americas. In 2012, Christina took a position as a Contracts Officer with Commercial Bank at Chase. Thereafter, Christina left Chase in May 2014, to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. In addition to her professional experience, Christina also holds a B.A. in Public Administration, and received Paralegal Certification, both from Roosevelt University (Chicago).

Regina Assaf – President


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